Do you take warfarin?

Want to have your levels tested and your dosage adjusted without leaving home?

We offer INR testing in your home or in our private clinic room at Mitchell Medical Pharmacy. It’s fast, easy, and virtually painless.

Contact us today to enroll!

Immediate Results and Updated Dosage

After you make an appointment, the pharmacist will come to your home to check your warfarin levels. A drop of blood will be taken from your finger and applied to a CoaguChek meter.

There is no need to go to the lab or hospital to have blood taken from your arm or to wait for test results. Before the pharmacist leaves your home, you will have your INR result and you will know the dose of warfarin with which to continue.

Your next in-home INR test will also be arranged. The pharmacist will notify your physician about the result of each INR test and your current warfarin dosage.

Holistic Advice That Prevents Harmful Interactions

Many prescription medications, non-prescription medications and natural health products, including vitamins, can affect the way anticoagulants like warfarin work. If you choose to enroll in the In-Home INR Testing Program, you will be asked to transfer your prescription file to Mitchell Medical Pharmacy. With access to your complete medication profile, the pharmacist can advise you about potential interactions between drugs and other substances.

Eligibility for INR Testing

To qualify for In-Home INR Testing, your physician must complete a form which enrolls you in the program. In addition, you must agree to have your prescription file transferred to Mitchell Medical Pharmacy and to purchase all of your prescription medications from us (unless medications are needed after-hours, on weekends or holidays). You must also live in the Stratford or Mitchell area. Mitchell Medical Pharmacy offers free delivery of prescription medications in Stratford and Mitchell each weekday.