Parents want the best for their children—especially when they are ill. Unfortunately, getting kids to take medication can be a challenge. Some medications taste terrible, while others come in tablets too large for their children to swallow.

Custom Medications for Kids

In the compounding lab at Mitchell Medical Pharmacy, our pharmacist Karen Prosser can create custom medications for your child.

In consultation with your doctor, Karen can customize the dosage, change the form of medication (capsules, liquid, cream, or gel), or enhance the flavour. She can also remove allergenic ingredients like dyes, binders, sugar, gluten, lactose, or other problematic substances.

Kid-Specific Supplements

As an authorized supplier of Metagenics products, Mitchell Medical Pharmacy offers a variety of supplements specifically formulated for children, including Ultracare for Kids. This supplement provides high quality nutritional support for children with food sensitivities, eczema, rhinitis, asthma, and hives.

We also offer Ultra Flora Children’s – a daily probiotic supplement. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, two chewable tablets per day of Ultra Flora Children’s, given for six months, was safe and effective in reducing fever, rhinorrhea, and coughing. It also decreased the need for antibiotics and the number of days that three- to five-year-olds missed from school or daycare due to illness.

We provide special supplements and custom medications for kids