Want to lose weight and feel better?

The qualified Healthcare Professionals at Mitchell Medical Pharmacy will help you understand the whole picture of weight loss. Through the FirstLine Therapy (FLT) Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program you’ll be empowered with the right information to make wise decisions now and for the rest of your life.

You can expect:

  • Real food
  • Lasting results and long-term wellness
  • Professional advice and support
  • Initial and follow-up testing; and progress tracking
  • Science-based nutritional recommendations

Not a Diet – An Eating Plan

Most diets focus on NOT eating. The FLT eating plan emphasizes consuming the right foods—the right fat, the right carbohydrates, and the right proteins—all in appropriate portions. The FLT eating plan incorporates low-glycemic-index foods that help you maintain stable blood sugar and energy levels.

With the FLT Healthy Transformation Weight Loss Program, control carbohydrates that may impede weight loss while enjoying a huge selection of vegetables that are rich in phytonutrients. Choose from healthy protein options to maintain muscle as you lose fat for a healthier body composition (muscle-to-fat ratio).

This clinically designed program includes:

  • Targeted support for weight loss with high protein shakes and vegetable soup
  • Advanced nutritional support with daily supplement packets, probiotic, fibre mix and low-glycemic protein bars
  • Program guidebook with easy to follow instructions, menu plans, and recipes
  • High protein, phytonutrient-dense food plan with a wide range of choices
  • Solutions for staying physically active with simple exercise plans
  • Online support including FAQ’s and helpful lifestyle tips
  • Practitioner support and counselling sessions

While not covered by OHIP, this 12-week program might be covered under some insurance benefit plans under the Healthcare Spending Account. FLT is an affordable investment in your long-term wellness that will pay health dividends for years to come.

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Watch this introductory video for more information on the Metagenics Healthy Transformation Weight Loss program.